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Our Story

We are a craft brewery located in the Pays de Fayence in Provence, Alpes, Côte d'Azur in France. Gekko Brewing Company was born out of a love of good beer and family.

The Gekko adventure began in 2018 by brewing small batches in a garden shed (covered in geckos!) and in 2020 we moved into our new premises ready for a full launch into the world of brewing.

Gekko's team of four is made up of a group of family members (Scottish and Polish), each member bringing their passion and expertise to the team.

We use the highest quality base ingredients to produce a range of modern and traditional craft beers.

At Gekko, we believe there's a beer for everyone. Our beers include fresh, light, and hoppy pale ales, characterful IPAs, dark stouts, and more.

Our mission is to educate the uninitiated about the wonders of craft beer while satisfying CRAFT beer enthusiasts' demands for beautifully crafted hop juice!

We love to run tastings and brewery tours showcasing the wide range of flavors and aromas developed by our master brewers.

Come visit us and enjoy a Gekko!


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