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It Could Be Anything
COLLAB with L'instant


Alc: 9%
IBU: 30
EBC: 16
Can: 44cl 

Hops: Citra • Ekuanot • HBC 630 


After "Tropical Tempest", the first collab between our two breweries L'Instant and Gekko, we couldn't stop there. The Gekko team was invited for a return match to brew this second collab. To celebrate the love of beautiful hop juices, we've concocted together a TIPA recipe featuring Citra, Ekuanot and HBC630 hops. Put time on pause and enjoy, you're holding in your hands a creation of the friendship between two breweries and the love of hops.

Illustration by: Eloi Amizet from

it could be anything.png
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